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These are all the past, present and future events for white light guidance!

Multi Ethnic Girls

From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of White Light Guidance

Sept 17, 2016

WLG founded in a period of uncertainties. Is a foundation which advocate freedom in the society, from events to counselling. We are a non - profit organisation which are involved in the local communities' welfare. One of our success story is the school we went to bring life in. We give advice and take care of the welfare of the people around us.

Yoga Class

COVID-19 outbreak 

November 29, 2020

Times are hard and we need to put food on our table, with COVID-19 breakdown this is even harder. Well that's why we lunch this event. This November we bring to your table, God's word and a meal. The location is the county church, we desire all to come with wagging tougues and itching ear. See you there

house building plan in nigeria.jpg


December 18, 2020

We are all about giving in this organisation, so we set sometime to plan an event that wowed our consumers. We went to Tulip Orphanage to pay homage and give gifts. We gave clothes, shoes and toys to the children. It was amazing. We called the event voluteering.

Classmates in the Library

White Light Guidance Events

January 30, 2021

Coming up is an event for the whole country. People who love to make loads of connections and networks; this a great event for you. We will be going to Sangotedo ShopRite to network and find relations. Not an event you want to miss. Check the event out! The event is called Socials.

Happy Friends Laughing

1-on-1 with White Light Guidance CEO

February 28, 2021

So, my birthday is coming up and as a non-profit events planner, I want to share it with you. Coming this February, in a huge location, is my birthday. I like to call it a party with God and me. The location of the party is my local church and the name of the event is Lets Chop. See you there!

Women in Workshop

Insurance 101

September 1, 2021

So we planned an event to showcase the insurance industry for Leadway Assurance and AIICO Insurance plc. The two well known commercial industry in insurance for Lagos, Nigeria. it was to help educate the locals of how to save wisely and effectively and, and on all financial issues. We called it Shortlisted! See you there!

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